Monsters Everywhere

Little Guy Games

Monsters Everywhere is a mobile game being created for the iOS and Android platforms. This game is currently being developed in partnership with Monster Factory a Toronto-based toy maker and 9-story producer a distributor of award-winning animated and live action content.

 It is a hotel management game that incorporates world travel, photo-sharing and social media to enhance the game's features. The game also includes a collection and mystery solving aspect.

As the lead programmer on this project, my role was to program all aspects of the game-play. It was originally being developed using an in-house engine, which I also helped develop, but has since been ported to Unity Game Engine. It was written in C++ and XML. For this project, I work closely with a team of artists at Little Guy Games and the client's design team in order to create a fun and high-quality gaming experience.

Monsters Everywhere's is currently available on the iOS and Android App store.